Guitar Lessons in Barnsley

Guitar Lessons in Barnsley

Our lessons are tailored to every student's own needs: whatever you want to play, I will help you navigate the genre, techniques and fretwork for you to succeed in learning the guitar. Metal, jazz, classical, folk, rock, pop, funk, you name it, I've got it covered. I am both able to teach acoustic and electric guitar - ensuring that students have the ability to learn the type of guitar music that they are passionate about. 

I also tailor your lessons around you, ensuring that we work at a pace that suits you and designing a course of lessons that help you to reach your personal goals when learning the guitar. I can teach you from the comfort of your own home and understand that with a busy work, family and social life arranging a lesson time can be a challenge for some students - therefore I am as flexible as possible to ensure that you can find time for our lessons. I would recommend taking lessons either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure that you develop at a speed that you are comfortable with. To find out more information about my lessons simply get in touch by emailing

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