Music Shops in Barnsley

Music Shops in Barnsley

Buying your first guitar can be a confusing experience, especially if you don’t have anything particular in mind. What type of guitar you buy impacts fundamentally on your playing style and genre choice: for example, electric guitars are better for playing quickly, so are better suited to rock, metal and punk music than acoustics. Equally, hollow-bodied or acoustic guitars allow for easier finger picking, so are usually a wiser bet for folk music. To help you navigate the treacherous waters of guitar buying, we have put together a list of helpful shops in Barnsley who will help you make a wise decision.

Cam Music is located on 17 to 19 Church Street, S70 2AB and it is one of our favourite music shops in Barnsley, especially for buying guitars. And believe me, this shop stocks pretty much everything you could need: guitars, picks, guitar straps, amps, leads, pedals and much much more! They largely cater for those buying on a low to medium budget, ideal for beginners, and stock a range of quality Yamaha and Squire electric guitars that range in price from between £100 and £500. If you want to get a bit of a bargain, they also stock pre-owned guitars; last time we were in there, they had a couple of lovely Rickenbacker basses and Gibson Les Pauls. Whilst these guitars go for thousands of pounds (a bit outside of my budget), they are still worth taking a look at, even if just to appreciate the craftsmanship.

Like CAM Music, Jax Music also caters for an entry-level budget and beginners might want to start here because you can get everything you need to start your guitar-playing career in one stop. Jax Music isn’t a specialist guitar shop (they also sell all sorts of musical instruments and sheet music), but they certainly know their stuff when it comes to guitars and their friendly staff are always willing to help. Also, they stock a lot of recording equipment, so if you fancy becoming a bedroom producer, their audio interfaces, mixers and microphones will be right up your street. Head to 10 Pitt Street, S70 1AW to take a look for yourself.

 PJS Music is not a specialist guitar shop and you can buy a lot of different instruments here. It does, however, specialize in ESP guitars; ESP is a Japanese company that has a good reputation for building trustworthy, well-built guitars that won’t break the bank. Jack Bakarat from All Time Low, Neil Westfall from A Day To Remember, Rob Holliday from The Prodigy and Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones all play one, so if they’re good enough for them, they’re good enough for us! They also have a wicked blog that is worth checking out! Head to 69A High Street, S75 3RQ to take a look.

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