Music Venues in Barnsley

Music Venues in Barnsley

Playing in public is a great way to hone your guitar playing: in front of an audience there really is no-where to hide and this will show if you know your stuff. As a result, we encourage our students to play in front of an audience whether this is at Wembley in front of thousands or in your local pub, it doesn’t matter. Barnsley is lucky in the sense that it has Sheffield (home of the Arctic Monkeys) and Wakefield (The Cribs’ haunt) nearby and a lot of big bands make those cities their South Yorkshire stop. But Barnsley also has a lot to offer! Below is a quick showcase of the different music venues that Barnsley has to offer and it has been compiled with different needs in mind.

Café Bar Live is located at the Civic Café Bar on Hanson Street, S70 2HZ. It is a small venue catering for low-key acoustic sets and open mic nights. With a relaxed atmosphere, an accommodating crowd and an inclusive booking ethic, this is probably a good place to start off your live career. Head down to see local indie, folk and alternative acts: as you probably already know, Barnsley has a thriving guitar-music scene and Café Bar Live is a great place to access it.

The White Bear is a pub that also hosts different music nights. So if good food, draught ales plus friendly banter combined with good music, the White Bear is worth checking out. They host a number of open mic nights and have club nights on Friday and Saturday nights and also host local bands: Four Authors, Barnsley’s own pop-punk outfit, are playing soon and I would highly recommend that you go down to check them out. To go and see for yourself, head down to 11 Church Street, S70 2AH.

The Lamproom Theatre is one of Barnsley’s bigger venues and is located at Westgate, S70 2DX. It is owned by Barnsley Theatre Trust, a charity that aims to support and develop artists in the local community, so go and see an artist here, you are doing Barnsley’s local arts community a big favour. The venue is also very cool: it is a renovated Methodist Chapel that has been converted from a derelict shell to a really characterful and quirky arts space. The venue puts on a good variety of different stuff, so you can see bands, shows, comedy and theatre here; the list goes on!

The Academy Theatre is part of the Take 2 Centre on 311 Sheffield Road, which I mentioned in my section of recording studios. As you might infer from this, you can perform live in front of a 180-person-strong audience and have the whole thing recorded at the same time! So if you want to record a live album, this might be the place for you. Interestingly enough, The Academy Theatre has a lot of tribute acts that play there!

If you ever want to perform in one of these venues, check out our article about Famous Bands from Barnsley to get inspired!

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